Storm damage can range from wind, hail or even a fallen tree. If a storm has came to your area we will come and inspect your roof at no cost to you. If there is storm damage will gladly represent you to your insurance company. We will not waste your time telling you there is damage when there is not. We are experienced with storm damage claims and know the insurance adjuster will not approve it if there is not “Real” damage.

Storm damage is hard for the untrained eye to detect. This is why you need a locally trained/certified contractor to inspect your home for damage. We will represent you in the claim process with your insurance company at no additional cost to you.

Be aware of storm chasers as they do come to the area after storms hit. They will pose as a local company even having a local phone number. Research how long they have been in your town. Also make sure they are not sub-contracted. Where will that company be when you have problems with their roof? Chasing another storm in another state.