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We are certified roofing contractors serving Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding suburbs. We offer:

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  • Complete tear-off / 1 day service* on most shingle jobs
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We offer the following for roof replacements and new roof installations on all residential, commercial & industrial buildings and new construction:

Roofing Types

Shingle Roof
Lifetime Dimensional Shingles

Shingle Roofing

Dimensional shingles are the most popular type of shingles in the United States. They are manufactured as dual or multi-layered products and make a thicker, richer look on the roof. They are heavier than 3-tab shingles and better at hiding imperfections on the roof surface. Some city architectural boards require dimensional shingles as compared to 3-tabs.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam metal roofs are primarily used for commercial buildings and low-slope roofing material. They can be installed on virtually flat roofs, replacing tar and rubber roof coverings that have a much shorter life.

Standing seam metal roofs are also a great roofing alternative for home and building owners with steep-slope roofs. Numerous metal panel shapes and configurations exist.  New standing seam metal roofs come in dozens of colors. Metal roofs have grown in popularity from 2% of the roofing market in 2002 to 12% in 2013.



Tile roofing material is not only beautiful, but extremely durable. Tile is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Clay tile is produced by baking molded clay into tile. They may be glazed or have other surface texture treatments applied, and there are accessory tiles that fit the various shapes of ridges, gables, and so forth.  Installation depends on the type of tile being installed – whether it is two-piece, one-piece, interlocking or flat.

Concrete tiles are made of portland cement, sand and water. The material is mixed and extruded on molds under high pressure.  The tiles are cured to become stronger , and color can be added as a finish or dispersed throughout. Some concrete tiles have special texture added to the surface.

Tile is heavy. If you are replacing another type of roof system with tile, you will need to verify that the structure can support the load.

Slate/Synthetic Slate

At C&C Roofing, we can repair or replace your natural slate roof. Natural slate roofs are made from slate quarried in the United States in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Slate is available in different colors and grades, depending on its origin. Considered virtually indestructible, it is, however, more expensive than other roofing materials. It is also very heavy. Many old homes here in the Northeast still are protected by this long-lasting roofing material. Real slate has an extremely low water absorption index making it resistant to frost damage.

Synthetic slate is a sturdy polymer composite roofing material that simulates the appearance, texture and contours of natural slate at a fraction of the cost of natural slate roofing. You save on transportation costs, it is easier to install, and it is also shatter resistant, making for less waste during installation. Also, at a quarter of the weight of authentic slate, a standard roof structure can support synthetic slate.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen

A modified bitumen roof is a membrane roof installed in large sheets, generally fused at the joints to form a continuous surface. It is typically installed with a minimum of two layers of roofing felt and hot asphalt that are built up to form a waterproofing layer.

Modified bitumens, based on coal tar pitch and asphalt products, were developed in Europe and the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. The two most common modifiers are APP (attactic polypropylene) and SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene).  They are applied to polyester, fiberglass, or polyester and fiberglass membranes to form a sheet cut in manageable lengths for handling and to make asphalt longer-lasting and more flexible. Also, SEBS (styrene ethylene butadiene styrene) is a relatively new formulation that increases the roofing material’s flexibility and longevity.

Rubber EPDM

Rubber Membrane EPDM (short for ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a single-layer durable, synthetic rubber material resembling an inner tube but engineered to resist damage from the sun. The material is light yet resistant to scuffs and tears, while leaks are simple to patch.

Modern flat roofs use single large factory made sheets of EPDM synthetic rubber, or else strips of the materials that are bonded together in a hot or cold seaming process.

EPDM is a low-cost membrane but its warranted lifespan when properly applied has reached 30 years and its expected lifespan is even higher, 50 years and still increasing. Previous problems with moisture gain on roofs with air conditioned space underneath have been resolved by simply adding a vapor barrier. Seam problems had previously occurred when the EPDM did not like to adhere to the roofing surface.

All Specialty Systems

Copper offers warmth and beauty that no other metal roof can match. It can complement any style of building, whether traditional or modern, with a character and durability that no other metal roof can match.

And yet a copper roof, when it is properly designed and installed, can provide an economical and very long-lasting solution. It is resistant to the elements, requires little maintenance and requires no painting or finishing.

Copper is an easy material to form over irregular roof structures, including domes and other curved roof shapes.  Installation cost is a fraction of other premium roofing materials such as slate, wood shingles or tile.  The copper roofing is also lightweight – 140 pounds per square, or about half the weight of asphalt – so no roof reinforcement is needed.

Available Brands

All brands come with 25-year to lifetime warranties!

  CertainTeed GAF Timberline
Firestone Building Products  Tamko-optimized

GAF Certificate