C&C Roofing specializes in GAF products for TPO roofing systems

Thermoplastic roofing, or a TPO roofing system, is made of especially durable materials that are very resistant to temperature extremes as well as ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure, high winds, punctures and fires. TPO roofs typically have a lifespan of 30-50 years.

Why TPO?

Strong Stuff

A TPO membrane keeps moisture out yet it is lightweight. It is ideal for both new construction and retrofits without adding excess weight to the roof deck. And it stands up to rooftop traffic, tools and equipment.

Energy Efficient Roofs

White surfaces have been shown to reduce air-conditioning costs by reflecting up to 78% of the sun’s rays. Because the surface is so reflective, it even reduces the heat build-up under the membrane.

Affordable Roofing

White membrane roofs command a premium price, but thanks to technology developed in the automotive industry – impact and UV resistant bumpers – a GAF TPO Roof is “The Affordable White Roof.”

Value, Too

C&C Roofing TPO roofing systems by GAF meet or exceed ASTM* performance standards. The material is thermoplastic polyolefin based for superior strength and weatherability, lightweight yet resistant to tears, impact, punctures and wind uplift. The reinforced membrane easily handles thermal contraction and expansion of your bulding.

* ASTM International is formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Color Choices

TPO membrane roofs from C&C Roofing come in a variety of colors beyond the standard white, gray and tan, with custom colors available upon request.

Environmentally Friendly

TPO roof materials from C&C Roofing are recyclable. There is no plasticizer migration. And no chlorine.




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