EPDM is a low-cost, high-endurance roofing membrane

Rubber Membrane EPDM (short for ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a single-layer durable, synthetic rubber material resembling an inner tube but engineered to resist damage from the sun. The material is light yet resistant to scuffs and tears, while leaks are simple to patch.

Modern flat roofs use single large factory made sheets of EPDM synthetic rubber, or else strips of the materials that are bonded together in a hot or cold seaming process.

EPDM is a low-cost membrane but its warranted lifespan when properly applied has reached 30 years and its expected lifespan is even higher, 50 years and still increasing. Previous problems with moisture gain on roofs with air conditioned space underneath have been resolved by simply adding a vapor barrier. Seam problems had previously occurred when the EPDM did not like to adhere to the roofing surface.