C&C Roofing, the leader in commercial roofing in Northeastern Ohio, works closely with property managers and building owners to help them get the longest life out of their new or existing roofing system. C&C Roofing begins every project by getting to know the customer’s requirements, goals, and budget. After gaining in-depth knowledge of the customer, C&C Roofing creates a commercial roofing plan for property managers and building owners that include budget planning and a detailed roof maintenance plan.

An “out of sight, out of mind” approach to commercial roofing for property managers and building owners is dangerous. Premature roof failure can lead to cash flow problems, degraded or destroyed assets, and diminished reputations. Additionally, building owners and property managers with poor performing commercial roofing in tenant occupied buildings can easily result in the loss of rental revenue, unusable space, and difficulties in resale.

By letting C&C Roofing take the lead on your commercial roofing efforts, you can be assured that your roofing system is regularly maintained and avoids unnecessary expenses or negative impacts to your business. C&C Roofing’s commercial roofing services for property managers and building owners provide businesses with end-to-end solutions that are uniquely tailored to the specific business and roof. C&C Roofing can assist building owners and managers with the following maintenance services:

  • Commercial roof inspection and evaluation
  • Commercial roofing recommendations for new solution and/system
  • Budget planning support
  • Itemized and detailed commercial roof estimate
  • Commercial roof maintenance plan
  • Building energy analysis
  • Commercial roof warranty support
  • Emergency repair

Difficult economic times and an increasingly competitive landscape require that businesses budget and spend wisely. It is critical for building owners and property managers to strive to achieve maximum commercial roof life at the least cost. In doing so, it is best to apply life-cycle costing to managing a commercial roof. C&C Roofing helps building owners and property managers develop a comprehensive roof plan and budget that incorporates the initial capital expense of a new roof, roof repair or roof replacement, plus operational expenses involving maintenance.

C&C Roofing works to develop long-lasting relationships with building owners and property managers, and we understand the need for an accurate and detailed budget for commercial roof repair and maintenance. Our commercial roofing specialists closely inspect your roof and building to address any current or potential issues, as well as provide recommendations on how future roofing problems can be avoided. Following the inspection, C&CRoofing compiles a detailed report that lists any signs of deterioration, drainage problems, wind storm damage and other circumstances. The report is not only critical in setting a budget, but it is also a great source of information for valuing a property.