How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

You are thinking of getting a new roof. You know it is getting time to replace it. However, there are so many questions and concerns, as this is a major project. One of the main factors is the cost. While your budget is a deciding factor there are many ways to help out such as financing and loans. The cost of a roof replacement can vary. The factor’s that we take into consideration on every house are: the square footage of the roof (not the home), how many layers of existing shingles, slope of the roof, access to load the roof and remove the debris, current roof ventilation and condition of existing material. From there, we have to look deeper and wonder if the current wood decking needs replaced, if you have slate under the shingles, gap sheeting, the condition of your fascia and rake boards. Roof cost’s range on wide spectrum. We could have 2 homes that are identical in shape and size but be thousands of dollar’s difference, especially if one has a lot of problems.

As a home owner when you get multiple estimates you may have large gaps in pricing and ideally you would want to go with the one that is the least amount. Our recommendation is make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not just looking at the total cost. You want to research each contractor making sure they are bonded and insured, registered with your city, using the same material (check brand, weight and reviews), verify the warranties they are offering you and most importantly the contractor’s reputation, don’t just take their word for it. This is a major decision. The roof on your house protects your entire home, and with the shingles offered today will last for the next 50 years. Not much that we buy these days are we planning on using everyday for the next 50 years, so spend some time on this decision. While it is tempting to just go with the lowest price make sure you are getting what you need.

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Finding the RIGHT contractor for your problem!

Hiring a roofing contractor is a big decision! Word of mouth is one of the best starting points. However, be sure to check with your local building department! Put in the time and research online, BBB is a great spot. Do not just look at ratings but length of time in business and whether they use sub contractors! We pride our self on being a great reliable roofing company, but don’t just take our word for it. Check us out!trucks