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Your roof is the most important investment for the protection of your family, your home and your business. Our family owned and operated company is dedicated to making sure our workmanship and materials are the best any company can offer. We stand behind our work 100%. Our employees are trained and certified installers of residential and commercial roofing systems. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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What you Need to Know About Ponding Water on Your Roof

Ponding Water

What is ponding water?

Water remaining on your roof for more than 48 hours after a rain ends is ponding water by definition of the National Roofing Contractors Association. This remaining water is one of the most damaging things effecting the life cycle of a flat roof. Even when code requirements are met, some slope is lost due to components suspended from the roofing joints and roof top equipment such as HVAC units. Ponded water can invade the roofing system through any imperfection, no matter how slight. Imperfections like alligatoring (or checking), splits, cracks, fishmouths, bare felts, or an unsealed lap or seam are all risk factors. If the moisture reaches the insulation this can result in rotted organic fibers, weak binders, and reduction of thermal resistance.

Why is ponding water so detrimental to my flat or low-slope roof?

Ponding water can deteriorate the roofing surface. In some instances, organic matter thrives in the ponding water using the roofing adhesive as a food source. This is especially detrimental if the ponding water occurs at a natural weak point of a roofing system, for example at a penetration or a seam. The organic matter can develop into a fungi or a plant. If plant growth occurs, the roots can penetrate the membrane, reaching into the insulation. Once the plant dies, a large opening is left in the roofing system. Once moisture is trapped underneath the membrane, it will expand and contract as it freezes and thaws. The expansion can cause splits and cracks to increase in size, allowing more moisture to penetrate the roofing system. This freeze-thaw cycle can lead to ice formations. Along with the expansion and contraction, movement may occur. As these formations travel underneath the membrane, enough friction can be generated to cause considerable physical damage to the membrane. Even small amounts of moisture trapped underneath the membrane can reduce the insulation’s thermal efficiency and damage the roof deck, insulation, membrane, and the interior and contents of the building. Most importantly, ponding water can increase the load on the roofing deck, and in some cases compromise the structural integrity. Given the approximate weight of ponding water is five (5) pounds per inch per square foot of roofing surface, a small 14×15 square foot area of a roof with two (2) inches of ponding water can add just over an additional ton (2,100 lbs) of weight to the roofing deck. 14×15 = 210 square feet x 10 (2 inches x 5 lbs)= 2,100 lbs. A 10×10 square foot section with one (1) inch of ponding water adds an additional 500lbs. Proper drainage is very important.

Does my warranty cover damage from ponding water?


Probably not. The existence of ponding water will in most cases void warranties from most roofing material manufacturers. As ponding water is caused from settling of structure or improper drainage. Which these are maintenance factors that are the owners responsibility.

How can C&C Roofing help?

C&C Roofing, your Commercial Roofing experts, offers single-ply membrane roofing systems with 15 and 20 year No Dollar Limit warranties. We can install tapered insulation systems as well as retro-fit and new drains. In addition the warranty provides coverage for consequential damages to protect the contents of your building*. We specialize in coatings, modified bitumen, TPO, Durolast, EPDM and several other roofing systems. We are trained in certified in all these systems to ensure we can offer you the system you need for a leak proof roof. C&C Roofing can also evaluate and adjust drainage issues and other options are available when dealing with ponding water issues. Contact C&C Roofing for a free roof evaluation, solution options, warranty details, and a free estimate. 440-951-1920

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

You are thinking of getting a new roof. You know it is getting time to replace it. However, there are so many questions and concerns, as this is a major project. One of the main factors is the cost. While your budget is a deciding factor there are many ways to help out such as financing and loans. The cost of a roof replacement can vary. The factor’s that we take into consideration on every house are: the square footage of the roof (not the home), how many layers of existing shingles, slope of the roof, access to load the roof and remove the debris, current roof ventilation and condition of existing material. From there, we have to look deeper and wonder if the current wood decking needs replaced, if you have slate under the shingles, gap sheeting, the condition of your fascia and rake boards. Roof cost’s range on wide spectrum. We could have 2 homes that are identical in shape and size but be thousands of dollar’s difference, especially if one has a lot of problems.

As a home owner when you get multiple estimates you may have large gaps in pricing and ideally you would want to go with the one that is the least amount. Our recommendation is make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not just looking at the total cost. You want to research each contractor making sure they are bonded and insured, registered with your city, using the same material (check brand, weight and reviews), verify the warranties they are offering you and most importantly the contractor’s reputation, don’t just take their word for it. This is a major decision. The roof on your house protects your entire home, and with the shingles offered today will last for the next 50 years. Not much that we buy these days are we planning on using everyday for the next 50 years, so spend some time on this decision. While it is tempting to just go with the lowest price make sure you are getting what you need.

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